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University Apartments at Ettrick offers students the best in college housing with the lifestyle that you deserve. Combining the convenience of dorm life with the benefits of off-campus living, UAE is the smart choice for student living. From fully furnished units with washers and dryers to resident activities, we have what you want here at UAE!

2022 - 2023 Lease Dates
  • 10 Month Lease (Fall 2022 – Spring 2023): 8/19/2022 – 5/16/23
  • 12 Month Lease (Fall 2022 – Summer 2023): 8/19/2022 – 7/31/23
Amount of sign-up Fees
  • Application Fee – $40 (Non-Refundable)
  • Security Deposit $200.00 (Refundable)
  • Administrative Fee $150.00 (Non-Refundable)
How much is rent and how can I pay it?
  • The Cardinal 4 Bed Single
    • Monthly Rent: $980
    • Per Semester: $4,900 (10 Month) / $5,880 (12 Month)
    • Full Lease: $9,800 (10 Month) / $11,760 (12 Month)
  • The Trojan 2 Bed Single
    • Monthly Rent: $1,598
    • Per Semester: $7,990 (10 Month) / $9,588 (12 Month)
    • Full Lease: $15,980 (10 Month) / $19,176 (12 Month)

During the academic school year, rent is payable through student accounts at the university. Summer residents who have an extension on their lease have an option to pay rent by money order if they are not enrolled in summer school.
What are the requirements to live at the University Apartments at Ettrick?
Virginia State University will approve all rental applications for the University Apartments at Ettrick.
  • 24 credits at signing.
  • No current or previous UAE balance.
  • You must be enrolled at Virginia State University.
  • You must have earned a minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average.
  • You must be in Good Financial Standing with the University.
  • You must be in Good Judicial Standing with the University.
What is provided in my apartment?
University Apartments at Ettrick provides all essential furnishings that residents need for a comfortable and stress-free living environment. UAE provides residents with the convenience of not having to partake in the hassle of looking for furniture in order to accommodate their living space. In the kitchen area, students are provided with a kitchen table or a breakfast bar that also comes with chairs. The kitchen also has a garbage disposal and dishwasher. For the living room space, we provide all basic living room furniture – a sofa, entertainment center, coffee table, and an end table. In bedrooms, UAE provides a bed frame with a mattress, a desk with chair and a dresser for storage of clothes and/or other materials the student needs. In addition, blinds are provided for windows throughout the apartment.
Is transportation provided?
During the Fall and Spring Semesters, UAE provides a shuttle service that operates between our community and the VSU campus. It is important to note that the shuttle service is designed to provide transportation to and from classes only. If the University is closed, we do not provide shuttle service.
What are the out of pocket expenses that I may have?
The University Apartments at Ettrick is an off-campus community, and as such, our residents need to budget for their food, as off-campus meal plans are somewhat limited. As it relates to the management of UAE, some out of pocket expenses that our residents would have to pay for include occasional fines for lease violations and a monthly electric bill. Fines, based on policies set forth in the lease agreement, are generally used to help curb infractions that affect other members of our community. If the monthly bill goes over the allotted cap, residents in that apartment are equally responsible for the overages for that month. Two Bedroom apartments (Doubles) are allotted a $80.00 cap. Four Bedroom Apartments (Singles) are allotted a $80.00 cap.
What are the floor plans for a double and single?
The floor plan for a double apartment is two bedrooms accompanied by two bathrooms, 900 square feet with a living room, a dining area, as well as a kitchen. The floor plan for a single apartment is four bedrooms accompanied by two bathrooms, 1,086 square feet with a living room, a dining area, as well as a kitchen.
How can I get a single?
Our leasing process has several stages. It is first open to our current residents where students residing in single spaces will have the option to renew their lease, and then all other UAE residents have the option to transfer to any open singles or renew their current lease. After current residents are processed, the leasing process is open to all VSU students.
What is a lease takeover?
Residents who find it necessary to end their lease agreement prior to the lease ending date are sometimes offered the opportunity to find someone to “Take Over” their lease. Individuals who “Take Over” a lease do so with the understanding that they become fully responsible for all aspects of the previous leaseholders responsibilities, meaning any unpaid fines and/or bills, and damages to the apartment.
How do I apply for University Apartments at Ettrick?
For leasing information, please call 804-524-5153 or email [email protected]